According to reports in Chinese media, the H-20 stealth bomber is nearing its first test flights — potentially suggesting that their long-range bomber may reach operational status before America’s forthcoming B-21 Raider.

While long-range stealth bombers like America’s B-2 Spirit have been a facet of American force projection for decades, China’s bomber fleet remains far more dated. The primary bomber employed by the People’s Liberation Army’s Air Force is the H-6 series of bombers — which is nothing more than a Chinese variation of the Soviet-era Tu-16. These bombers first took to the skies in 1959 and remain in service today, making China’s claims of a new stealth bomber a significant development in both technology and supposed capability.

Like America’s next generation long range stealth bomber, the Northrop Grumman helmed B-21 Raider, there are few details about the H-20 to work with. Many defense experts and pundits within China tend to compare it to America’s legacy stealth bomber, the B-2, but talk has shifted recently toward the B-21 instead. This shift may be a matter of managed perceptions, as China attempts to convey the image of a nation with comparable aircraft technology to the juggernaut that is America’s laundry list of aviation defense contractors. After all, to date there is little evidence to suggest that China has developed sufficient mastery of stealth technology throughout the production process, leaving many to question whether their F-22 copy-cat J-20 platform is actually as stealthy as they claim it to be.

In this side-by-side comparison put together by The Warzone, you can clearly see China’s recent announcement was modeled specifically after Northrop Grumman’s B-21 Raider announcement from 2015.