China’s aviation advancements are on full display this week at the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition and Airshow in Zhuhai, but for those who are well versed in U.S. military aircraft, the event may feel eerily familiar… almost as though you’ve seen all this before.

China’s J-20 and J-31 programs, both considered fifth-generation fighters that are expected to ferry China into the role of 21st-century military powerhouse, are both based on stolen Lockheed Martin plans for the F-22 and F-35 respectively. As NEWSREP has discussed in the past, most of China’s operational fleet of fighters and bombers are actually based on stolen or purchased Russian and American platforms as well… but this week’s airshow came with the unveiling of a brand new Chinese combat drone that could change the way the world perceives Chinese aviation if it proved to be unique and capable.

Instead, it just looks like a hodgepodge of America’s X-47B with elements of the RQ-170 incorporated for good measure.