In what might be the most bizarre and disturbing news piece of the week, a Chinese Spy balloon continues to make its way across the United States. To this writer, it looks like a cross between a second moon in the sky and the Death Star from Star Wars. The high-altitude balloon, said to be roughly the size of two or three school busses, was first spotted over Alaska and has since floated over Canada before making its way to the Continental US, where it remains.

image of US and Chinese flags over broken glass
Fractured relations: The US and Chinese flags are seen over broken glass. Image from vnExpress/Dado Ruvic

For whatever reason, the Pentagon has decided not to shoot down the balloon even though, according to Fox News, it has been floating over some “sensitive sites.” It is no secret that there are intercontinental ballistic missile launch sites in the area the airship has been traversing. Jamil Jaffer of the National Security Institute remarked on a segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight:

“You know what’s really interesting about this incident is that the Defense Department has made clear that this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Chinese spy balloons over US territory in the past.”

The Hainan Incident

Jaffer continued: “What’s interesting about this particular incident is that we’ve called it out; we’ve made it public and that they actually froze the airspace over Billings, Montana, and put planes up thinking about taking the shot. Why they didn’t take the shot, why they didn’t take it down, hard to know…”. He reminds us that in 2001 the Chinese forced down an American spy plane on Hainan Island, kidnapping several US airmen (holding them against their will for more than a week) and stealing a number of surveillance assets from the downed aircraft.