I am saddened to have to announce the tragic loss of another one of our own.  This has been a hard year for the Special Operations community, perhaps the SEAL community most of all.

Today Chris Kyle was shot and killed at a shooting range at the Rough Creek Lodge in Texas, murdered along with a second individual.

Chris had been volunteering his time to help Marine Corps veterans suffering from PTSD and mentoring them.  Part of this process involved taking these veterans to the range where one of them snapped and killed Chris and his neighbor for reasons that remain unknown at this time.  The perpetrator then stole Chris’ vehicle in an attempt to escape but we have received word that the police have since arrested him.

Chris Kyle served as a sniper in the US Navy SEALs and is best known to the American public from writing his memoir, “American Sniper.”  After his service, Chris ran a training program called The Craft.  Although recognized as America’s deadliest sniper, Chris was known to friends as a very down to earth and humble man.  He was also a friend of SOFREP and worked closely with Brandon Webb on a recent project of ours.

I just got off the phone with Brandon who is understandably upset over losing another friend not long after laying Glen Doherty to rest a few months ago.  The entire SOF community is still in shock over this incident, and we will have more to say on the matter as the situation develops.

Right now it is simply the time to have a moment of silence for Chris Kyle and his friend who was murdered alongside him.