A recent CIA briefing given to the Senate indicating that the Russian intelligence services sought to manipulate US elections to favor President Elect Donald Trump has ignited a firestorm across the political spectrum, however, it also signals something far more perilous: a brewing civil war between the incoming president and what will be his primary source of strategic intelligence: the CIA.

The debate goes back and forth about what the Russians did or did not do regarding the hacking of emails from the DNC and Hillary’s campaign chief of staff John Podesta. This article will not delve too deeply into the technical details as others in the intelligence community with access to the requisite information will be charged with sorting out what happened. Rather, we will look at what could become a serious rift between Trump and the CIA, one that could lead to an outright revolt within our government.

In the face of the CIA’s claims of Russian malfeasance in US presidential elections, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to bemoan the CIA as getting it wrong, the same way they did with WMDs in Iraq back in 2003. Whether or not the CIA was the agency that “got it wrong” on that issue is debatable as the Bush administration had already made a policy decision and then forced intelligence to fit their narrative.

It’s a dangerous game to play to badmouth your own intelligence agency, especially when it is reporting on threats to American democracy,” former CIA case officer Jeff Butler told SOFREP. “The problem is Trump is taking it personally. He ought to say, ‘if this is true, we will address it and make sure foreign nations do not interfere in our elections.’”