The trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning has been in full swing since early June, but the most intriguing declaration in this case won’t be coming from the mouth of the accused traitor. Rather, it will be from the shrouded testimony of a Navy SEAL.

Pfc. Manning was arrested in May, 2010 at a military base near Baghdad for allegedly supplying WikiLeaks, an online non-profit dedicated to pronouncing the worlds secrets, with a stockpile of classified information. Although the amount of damage cannot be verified, it is believed Manning’s actions are the largest breach of national security documents in America’s history.

According to, a New York City-based news and discussion platform, a member of the Navy’s elite counter terrorist unit, SEAL Team SIX, will testify on behalf of the prosecution regarding the contents of Osama bin Laden’s computer. The reason? The government wants to draw a correlation between the classified documents Manning leaked and the world’s most renowned terrorist organization.

Although the Defense Department has acknowledged that a great deal, if not all, of the 700,000 pages Manning leaked was found on bin Laden’s hard drive, they are not going to propose he sent the information to him. Instead they hope by demonstrating Manning’s intention to have Wikileaks publish the information on the worldwide web, he knowingly aided the enemy, thereby warranting capital charges. If convicted of a capital crime, Manning could very well spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The SEAL attesting to removing the drive from the slain terrorist’s computer will only be known as “John Doe,” wear a disguise and speak from an undisclosed location.  He is also one of a handful of classified witnesses expected to testify against Manning.

(Featured Image Courtesy: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)