Adm. Karl L. Schultz, the commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, appeared in a video on Tuesday alongside the branch’s Master Chief Petty Officer Jason M. Vanderhaden to express his gratitude to the American people for support while calling the continued shutdown “unacceptable.” He cited the stress it’s placed on  men and women throughout the branch.

“We’re five-plus weeks into the anxiety and stress of this government lapse and your non-pay,” Admiral  Schultz said. “You, as members of the armed forces, should not be expected to shoulder this burden.”

Adm. Schultz conveyed his gratitude to the American people for an outpouring of support the Coast Guard received through the shutdown. Coast Guard operations continue around the globe, despite the lapse in pay.

“Ultimately, I find it unacceptable that Coast Guard men and women have to rely on food pantries and donations to get through day-to-day life as service members,” he concluded.