COLD FEAR, a Thriller by New York Times Bestselling Authors Brandon Webb & John David Mann

Finn’s search for his memory of one fateful night leads him to Iceland—only to be followed by an unhinged assassin intent on stopping him—in the riveting follow-up to Steel Fear, from the New York Times bestselling writing team Webb & Mann, combat decorated Navy SEAL Brandon Webb and award-winning author John David Mann.

Authors Brandon Webb, a Navy SEAL sniper turned entrepreneur (former head instructor at the Navy SEAL sniper school, which produced some of America’s most legendary snipers) and John David Mann, an award-winning and bestselling co-author whose books have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide, are well known for their bestselling non-fiction books including the New York Times bestselling memoir The Red Circle. In their debut novel Steel Fear (recently nominated for a Barry Award for Best First Crime Novel), readers were introduced to disgraced Navy SEAL sniper Finn, a man with as many talents as he has secrets. Inspired by one of Webb’s two tours on an aircraft carrier, the book was an exciting locked-room thriller set aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.

Now, in COLD FEAR (Bantam; on sale June 7, 2022), we find Finn on the run. A wanted man since he jumped ship from the USS Abraham Lincoln, he’s sought for questioning in connection to war crimes committed in Yemen by a rogue element in his SEAL team. But his memory of that night—as well as the true fate of his mentor and only friend, Lieutenant Kennedy—is a gaping hole.

Finn learns that three members of his team have been quietly redeployed to Iceland, which is a puzzle in itself; the tiny island nation is famous for being one of the most peaceful, crime-free places on the planet.

His mission is simple: track down the three corrupt SEALs and find out what really happened that night in Yemen. But two problems stand in his way. On his first night in town, a young woman mysteriously drowns—and a local detective suspects his involvement. What’s worse, a SEAL-turned-contract-killer with skills equal to his own has been hired to make sure he never gets the answers he’s looking for. And he’s followed Finn all the way to the icy north.

Praise for Cold Fear

“The balance of action and characterization is perfect, and Jack Reacher fans will find much to like in Finn. This complex, suspenseful thriller proves that the authors’ collaborative fiction debut was no fluke.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A blockbuster! Cold Fear grabs you on the first page and never lets go. A brilliant blend of procedural mystery and geopolitical thriller, the novel offers up truly rich and compelling characters, nonstop plotting, and surprises every few chapters. This is, hands down, one of the best crime novels of the year. And on top of that, I now know Reykjavík like a natural born resident!” —Jeffery Deaver, bestselling author of Hunting Time

“Cold Fear is a hugely satisfying novel and the best kind of thriller: propulsive action, a twisty and smart mystery, emotionally resonant characters, and top-notch writing that brings to life a rich, layered setting. Highly recommend.”
—Lou Berney, author of November Road

About the Authors

Brandon Webb is a combat–decorated Navy SEAL sniper turned entrepreneur and author. As a U.S. Navy Chief, he was head instructor at the Navy SEAL sniper school, which produced some of America’s most legendary snipers. His defense and foreign policy news site,, is read by millions monthly. As its CEO and publisher, Brandon regularly contributes to SOFREP on foreign policy and defense matters and is a sought-out subject matter expert in global news media.

John David Mann is co-author of more than thirty books, including four New York Times bestsellers and five national bestsellers. His writing has won multiple awards, including the Living Now Book Awards Evergreen Medal for its “contributions to positive global change.” John’s work has appeared in American Executive, Financial Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, Leadership Excellence, Wired, and CrimeReads.

Webb and Mann have been writing together for over a decade, starting with their New York Times bestselling memoir The Red Circle. Cold Fear is the sequel to their Barry-nominated fiction debut, Steel Fear.

On sale June 7, 2022. Available for preorder everywhere books are sold.

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