If I were to meet Colin Kaepernick in a bar, I’d share the same thoughts with him that I’m about to share with you: Having the guts to stand up for what you believe in, especially when it’s unpopular is commendable. I respect Colin for this, but I think he’s gone about it the wrong way. The fact that he thought any NFL owner would take him back is very telling of how out of touch he really is with the reality of his situation and how divisive he is as an activist. Let me share a story with you.

A friend who plays professional hockey in the NHL shared a personal story with me about an old teammate of his. He was one of the best young hockey players in Canada and was, by all accounts, destined to play in the NHL. However, there was just one problem: he didn’t get along with anyone, not with the players nor the coaches. He was naturally gifted, but also extremely arrogant. He wasn’t a team player and he was hard to coach. No NHL scout wanted to vouch for this guy because of his attitude problem. This reputation risk came along with any recommendation. My friend went on to tell me that this extremely talented former teammate of his is now driving a UPS truck in Canada and playing pick up hockey on the weekends.

Colin had an incredible platform and opportunity to be an activist and unite people behind his cause. Instead he chose to divide and continues to do so. This is the sad part, because I believe that in his heart he meant to do the right thing and raise awareness to an important issue in America.

In my experience, anyone who’s been successful in their chosen profession has been a team player; bringing people together not dividing them.