On Tuesday, Colorado courts ruled that the police department had no obligation to compensate a homeowner after his house was destroyed in a standoff between police and a man he’d never met.

In 2015, a shoplifter being pursued by police broke into the home of Leo Lech in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Neither Lech nor his son who had been renting the home from his father were present at the time, and neither had any connection to the suspect, but soon after he made his way inside, things became far more dangerous for law enforcement. The shoplifter was apparently armed, and after he opened fire on police as they closed in, a 19-hour standoff ensued that would culminate in the SWAT team using an armored vehicle and 40mm rounds to breach the home and bring the standoff to an end.

As a matter of course, law enforcement always holds the preservation of life above concerns about damage to property, but the damage to Lech’s home was more extensive than is often found in even similar standoffs. Law enforcement officials, however, have pointed out that each incident is different, and officers at the scene chose their tactics based on what they felt would best limit the risk to officers and nearby civilians.

Here is a local news report filmed during the standoff: