Hey, fellow SOFREPers (let’s say that stands for SOFREP Personnel).

Go grab an ice-cold beverage of your choice, put on your best headphones (or crank up the PC speakers), and check this out.

This helmet cam footage was taken in Afghanistan and features tons and tons of close air support (CAS) courtesy of my favorite combat aircraft, the A-10.  Some people call it the Warthog, some the Thunderbolt…same things.  This thing has saved more bacon than a fat guy smuggling it off of a free buffet.

Don’t worry, though, I’ve watched every second of this, and there is no blood nor guts to be seen here. There are, however, a few “F-Bombs” dropped, so cranking it up at work may not be the best idea. It all depends on where you work.

Your friend and editor – Gulf Delta Mike

Post Video Quiz:

  1. How many A-10s flew overhead?
  2. How many rounds did the SAW gunner fire?
  3. How many times was the “F” word used? (Relatively few, considering)
  4. What is “Willie Pete”?
  5. What kind of pickup do we see at the end of the video?

I’ll be checking the comments for your answers.

**Coolest comment noted on YouTube: “If you’ve heard the Brrrrtttttt… it wasn’t for you”.