So, we were posted in the middle of nowhere near an encampment of a certain jihadi group. We were at standby pending permission to engage the terrorists. The only time we would fire was when they fire mortars at us.

The jihadi assholes would not only get on the loudspeaker to call to prayers but at random times, especially at night, they would put their most horrid music full volume. After a week of that sound from hell we were all fuming.

Well, one of the engineers corp NCOs had a huge speaker on storage and we had this idea…

Out came the speaker. We placed it on top of one of our humvees and plugged it to my iPod. Whenever they would play their horrible music we would in turn play the loudest heavy metal I had. We played Slayer, Metallica, AC/DC, Hatebreed, Biohazard and others. It was LOUD!

A couple of days later another loudspeaker arrived to the post and now we had stereo music. Those jihadi a-holes didn’t know what hit them. We began playing music randomly. Worse, we placed our Master SGT on a microphone and he sang, ALL THE TIME. Only he didn’t know how to sing. It was epic.

After 5 days of heavy metal and the Master SGT singing, the terrorists started moving away. We radioed command and they promptly sent a few tanks that way.

They got every jihadi on that camp.

It Rocked!