America’s great success story over the past five decades is its all-volunteer military. Back in 1973, the United States eliminated the draft, creating the military as it is today. While nothing close to perfect, the U.S. military has never been more professional, educated, or capable

With such volunteers, it should come as no surprise that most Americans consistently oppose military conscription.

However, after two decades at war, some now argue the all-volunteer force might be “unfair, inefficient, and unsustainable.” 

Can Military Members Be Legally Forced to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Ultimately the answer is yes, but this answer requires a bit of nuance and process. As of this writing, the president and defense secretary have not ordered mandatory vaccination for the military (or the general public, for that matter). COVID-19 vaccination remains strictly voluntary for all military servicemembers. This is consistent with Biden’s earlier pledges that he would not make vaccinations mandatory.