We had a recent question about character limits when commenting on SOFREP.com, so I wanted to give you the details about that. We currently use the Livefyre commenting system. We like it for a number of reasons, and it’s worked well for us. Livefyre’s commenting component displays within the browser window and needs to play nice with all the leading browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari… and Internet Explorer). Each browser has its own framework that Livefyre must abide by. Here’s what they say:

For all browsers except IE7-10, the character limit per comment is 8,000 characters, with spaces counting as characters. For IE7-10, it’s 1,500 characters, which is actually a limitation of the IE version of browsers, and not one in place by Livefyre.

So what this means is, if you’re seeing character limits at 1,500 characters, you’re using IE and should consider using a different browser if you want to write more. (And if you’re hitting the 8,000 character limit, well, my God man, wtf are you doing writing all that in a comment! Get a blog! Submit an article to SOFREP! Geezuz…..)

We’re aware that many of you are limited to the browser you can use when you’re in the office. It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s a limitation imposed by the browser.