Ankara, Turkey—The Turkish Navy is planning a new base in the occupied territory of north Cyprus.

According to the Yeni Safak newspaper, which is closely associated with the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Navy is exploring the possibility of a new naval base on the island. The process has already begun with an official request to the Foreign Ministry for a suitable location.

Judging by the recent remarks of the Turkish President, this isn’t just a political or diplomatic ploy, but a very likely move.  In a speech during Turkey’s Victory Day, Erdogan said, “If we show even a small sign of weakness, or perceive a situation in that way, you will see they will come onto us like hooded crows. Thus, we have to be powerful in politics, diplomacy, economy, trade and technology. Otherwise, put this homeland and geography aside, they won’t give us a single day to live in this world.”

The words of the Turkish president are highly alarming. He perceives Turkey as a country under attack, and that it must defend itself. “I believe that today we’re on the brink of new victories as well. Surely, we will win this fight together with those who put their trust in Turkey,” he added.