Staff Sergeant Kalvin Taylor, a 5th Special Forces Group cook (92G), was arrested for possession of 15 pounds of marijuana, 500 tablets of Xanax, and a firearm.

The Clarksville Tennessee Police Department observed the Soldier conduct at least two separate drug transactions on his way to Dover, Tennessee, before pulling him over.

The Police Department already has suspected SSG Taylor of drug distribution and when he was pulled over the Sheriff suspected the vehicle of containing marijuana.

According to FOX17, Taylor refused to allow consent to search his vehicle, so a K-9 was brought to the scene and alerted police to the presence of drugs inside. Police say Taylor admitted to having marijuana in the car but a search found much more.

The arrest was made in Stewart County and triggered the Clarksville Police department to search his home. There they found approximately $37,000 in cash, a Maserati sports car registered in his name, additional firearms, and many pounds of marijuana.

SSG Taylor was released on bail from the Sheriff’s office and is now absent without leave (AWOL).

This incident brought to my mind another topic: the relationship between support soldiers and operators.

The relationship is quite diverse. On my very first day, when I was signing into Battalion as a previous Infantry SSG, I had a PFC greet me at the S-1 shop (personnel). He said, “Whats-up,” while sitting down. My inner infantry squad leader wanted to snap his neck. Instead, I just walked around the corner to his supervisor and questioned if this was correct. The PFC was corrected, but so much for making friends my first day in Group.