Although violent crime as a whole has been trending downward for decades, a rash of school shootings in recent years has left most parents in the United States with a sense of uneasiness. Communities across the country that watched tragedies like February’s Parkland, Florida, school shooting unfold have come together to try to find solutions that can help ensure the safety of America’s children while they pursue an education. Across the board, one assumption has been nearly universal: our children are safer in schools that have a police presence. However, a new federal ruling pertaining to the Parkland shooting begs some hard questions about that assumption.

Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled that the school district and sheriff’s office in the Florida county the Parkland shooting took place in had no constitutional duty to protect the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School from the shooter, Nikolas Cruz. This wasn’t some errant ruling from a judge with an agenda — there’s significant legal precedent to support the decision. The suit that prompted the ruling was filed by 15 students from the school that saw 17 killed and 17 more injured.

You can see footage from inside the school during the shooting here, but we warn you, although you can’t see the victims in this video, it is nonetheless disturbing: