With the coronavirus on a rampage around the world, how could this impact our national security in the future? What is the real cost of COVID-19, and how can we afford next year’s budget?

The president has proposed a $45.8 billion government-wide funding package that will provide DoD with $8.3 billion to assist in dealing with the disruptions of sickness and quarantine from the coronavirus. So what does this mean?

Simply because we’ve got a pandemic on our hands doesn’t mean that war pauses. I mean, even Iran just let loose 100,000 prisoners due to COVID-19. Don’t worry folks, they will turn themselves back in after all this is over. (Iran has reported more than 38,000 infections and 2,640 deaths from COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus.)

The $8.3 billion from the funding package is supposed to cover a variety of purposes: “Mitigate the danger of COVID–19 on us service members, their dependents, and DOD civilians, minimize the impacts of the virus on strategic mission readiness; and support national response efforts.”