The Marine Corps has released the names of the twelve missing Marines that have gone missing after their helicopters crashed during a recent training exercise.  The search for the Marines continues in spite of severe water conditions in the Pacific.

Marine Corps officials have identified the four officers and eight enlisted Marines missing after their two CH-53 heavy-lift helicopters crashed off the coast of Hawaii’s Oahu late Thursday night.

Search efforts for the two heavy-lift helicopters and the 12 men aboard continue to be hampered by a high-surf warning. Rescuers battled waves up to 30 feet Saturday, which dispersed debris and complicated the search.

“It makes finding things incredibly difficult,” Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Scott Carr said.

Initial reports from the Coast Guard indicated that the helicopters had collided, but Marine officials say the incident remains under investigation.

The names of the 12 missing Marines can be found here along with details on each of them.

If any fundraisers for the families are made available please help spread the word.