Rhymes With “Most”

“Cos” was the nickname I gave to my brother, Mark Stephens. It was the second syllable of the Spanish version of his first name, Mar-COS. He must have liked it because I heard him explaining the second-syllable-to-the-Spanish-version-of-his-name equation on more than one occasion. That told me that to him; it was worth the work of having to explain the origin of his nick to keep it — Cos:

“He’s the mos, from cos-to-cos!” was a catchy catchphrase I liked to lay out there on occasion if I sensed Cos’s morale sulking.

Cos and his wife, Ms. Caitlin, as they appear today. The cartoon feature image of Cos is, of course, a gross exaggeration, but then again… not really that gross of an exaggeration at all.

Climbing the Army Pipehitter Ladder

Cos was a signalman in the First Green Berets (1st Special Forces Group), where I was assigned in the mid-80s. He was not a formally qualified Green Beret at the time, rather working in the technical field of communications support. He and I attended a rigorous formal communications course that lasted several weeks. Cos and I got along famously and spent a great deal of time together working through the drudgery of the course.

In the years after my assignment with the first Green Berets, I got the news that my good buddy Cos had sought after and passed the six-month-long Green Beret Qualification Course (SFQC).