Dismount Considerations During Route Clearance Operations,

Threat analysis of the area and explosive hazard trends. Type of munitions and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) found, type of emplacement, type of attacks, and type of triggers.

It is not uncommon to find yourself in an Area of Operations (AO), where you will be forced outside of your comfort zone . . . Otherwise, where is the fun in the job?
Many unconventional methods must be embraced in order to conduct a full spectrum type of clearance operation. You must be compliant with the local threat, in conjunction with the terrain, maneuverability of your equipment and personnel on the limited surfaces, and plan to fail, per the reliability of your equipment. Rely on nothing.

This lesson is primarily drawn from an AO on my fourth uniformed vacation abroad, as I believe this is when I perfected the art in my very own mad, and special way.  The general area of operations was East Iraqi farmland and Iranian border mountainous terrain. The roads were restricted, and more often than not, a single-lane or trail with a canal or berm on one or both sides of your avenue of approach.