Bulford, UK—A court-martial over the deaths of three aspiring SAS reservists has begun.

Two special forces instructors face jail over the incident. The accused, for PERSEC reasons only identified as 1A and 1B, are charged with a negligence whilst performing their duties. The persecution, in particular, focuses its case on their lack of health and safety standards.

The fatal exercise took place In July 2013. It was a 16-mile speed march across the treacherous Brecon Beacons in Wales. Although the march was 16 miles on the map, in reality, it was closer to 20 miles, given the anomalous terrain, which is specially chosen by the UKSF for its arduousness. The SF candidates had eight hours and 45 minutes to complete the exercise.

Two of the territorial soldiers, Lance Corporal Craig Roberts and Lance Corporal Edward Maher, died from heatstroke. The third, Corporal James Dunsby, succumbed to extensive organ failure two weeks later.