Here is a sneak peak at the cover for “The Killing School,” by Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL and Force 12 CEO. “The Killing School” is an in-depth look at the Navy SEAL sniper school during his time as the Naval Special Warfare Sniper Course manager.

“Sure to scare the hell out of any terrorist in line for a well-placed sniper shot. The Killing School is a gritty behind-the-scenes look at what makes the modern sniper so lethally effective in combat.” — Dick Marcinko, founder and first commanding officer of SEAL Team 6, author of the bestselling Rogue Warrior series

This book is over two years in the making and I’m finally excited to share our cover. Let me know what you think. – Brandon Webb

I asked Brandon a couple of questions about his new book because I know readers will definitely want to know more about it:

1) What can readers expect from “The Killing School” and how is it different from ’The Red Circle”?

Brandon Webb: The Killing School is an in depth look at what it truly takes to make it as a sniper, and what traits are found in snipers. The Red Circle was about my career leading up to becoming the Naval Special Warfare Sniper Course manager. The Killing School takes a more detailed look at the SEAL sniper program, and then tells the stories of multiple SOF snipers like myself, and former world record for longest kill Rob Furlong. Rob is a good friend and his story and many others are featured prominently in the book.

2) How does the Navy SEALs sniper school differ from the other sniper schools?

Brandon Webb: Where most military courses are very good, I’d say they are undergrad level work; the SEAL course is like getting a masters degree or PHD in sniping. We take 3 months of seven days a week to hone our SEAL students into some of the deadliest snipers on the planet. It’s no secret in the Teams that there’s a few guys with many more kills than Chris Kyle, The American Sniper, an amazing person in his own right.

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