Thomson-Hood Veterans Center has experienced a deadly outbreak of COVID-19 that is affecting both veterans and staff. A total of 86 veterans have become infected.

Since October, at least 24 veterans have died from COVID-19 in Kentucky’s Thomson-Hood Veterans Center outside of Lexington, Governor Andy Beshear announced on Friday. Forty-eight have recovered. Five are in the hospital and another nine are being treated within the center. Sixty-three staff members have tested positive for the virus; 11 are still active with COVID-19.

“This is the toughest spot we’ve been in thus far,” Governor Beshear said of the outbreak in an interview with New York Times.

“You must do your part and folks, this is now to the point where you need to be wearing your mask simply to protect yourself. It will also help others around you, but if you are not wearing a mask, you are putting yourself at personal risk of this virus,” he added.