On Sunday the MSC Opera, a cruise ship owned by MSC Cruises, smashed into a dock and a smaller vessel in Venice, Italy. At least four people were injured during the accident, which has caused MSC to cancel several upcoming port calls to the city. A video from the incident was captured by a passenger onboard the Opera and was uploaded to YouTube shortly after.

The cause of the collision appears to be an engine failure suffered by the Opera as it was approaching the dock. The captain of the cruise ship reported to the harbor master that the engine was “locked” but still producing thrust, propelling the vessel toward shore. Several tugboats were tied to the ship and were attempting to push the vessel away from land as the Opera’s captain ordered both of the vessel’s anchors to be dropped; however, both measures were unsuccessful in preventing the crash.

“We have activated all possible procedures to avoid impact,” said MSC Opera’s captain before the collision, according to a report from the BBC.