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D-Day in Afghanistan! America’s first house-call after the 9-11 attack by extremist Islam. As with most countries that come to garner American G.I. contempt, the country was kindly awarded the nom de guerre “Asscrackistan” lest any of the G.I.’s be accused of any faux respect to the nation.

“Asscrackistan!” cried the pipe-hitters and the airborne fire support drivers.

“Asscrackistan!” cried the munificent combat logistic support trains.

“Asscrackistan!” cried the town… crier…

“Asscrackistan!” cried the Commanding General, and Asscrackistan it so came to be:

“Woe betide us — we’ll smite them with the butts of our rifles when munitions are depleted!” vowed the men without caveat, provision, or pretense.

And yea, it came to be that Chief Warrant Officer 4 Gregory “Gravy” Coker was bedecked with the title of Fire Support Director aboard an airborne command and control platform — an AC-130 Spectre Gunship. Chief Coker had 100 aircraft that he was responsible for coordinating with on this night assault. Chief Greg Coker had: