“I shot him with four Dragunov rounds and seven M16 rounds, but he still didn’t die.”

Listening to the YPG member relate this story reminded me of an interview with a female YPJ fighter I’d read before I left the United States. She had said that the Daash are completely insane, have bizarre beards, and are all high on drugs. One example she gave was how, in the middle of a battle, one Daash jihadist walked right up to her position. Apparently he was in a daze, stoned out of his mind and disoriented. He walked right in front of the YPJ fighter, so she shot him dead.

Additional anecdotal evidence gathered in Syria appears to support this accusation.

One YPG member told me about a Daash fighter he shot four times with a Dragonov (SVD) sniper rifle. The Dragonov fires 7.62x54R (rimmed) ammunition—a good-sized bullet, comparable ballistically to the American 30.06. The jihadist went down but kept trying to get back up. The YPG shooter then pumped seven 5.56mm rounds into him with a M16. The ISIS militant finally went down, but still refused to die. They went up and recovered the jihadist and brought him to the rear, where he soon died.

I was shown a picture of the body of the jihadist in question and was told that he had track marks all over his arms and legs.  Apparently the injection of morphine and heroin is quite common among Daash fighters before they go into combat. It makes them feel invisible and gives them something of a temporary invulnerability as they are so high, they don’t even know they are being shot.

I was also told that the YPG had captured large caches of drugs that the Daash had in their cities and villages, although I did not have the opportunity to inspect these captured narcotics.

This raises an interesting question about drug use in relation to ISIS and their phony “Islamic State.” The Daash follow an extreme form of Islam derived from Wahhabism, a school of Islam that believes you are not even allowed to smoke cigarettes. So how does mainlining hard drugs into your veins fit in with this ideology?

I guess somewhere along the line, some Daash magic-carpet rider issued a decree saying that heroin comes from the sky, out of the eyes of Allah, and down to his chosen soldiers to help them defeat the apostates….