Editor’s Note: This article has been updated. The featured image above is reportedly the actual rifle used by Micah X. Johnson. For more information please click here.- Desiree Huitt

It was initially reported by multiple news agencies that Micah X. Johnson used a SKS rifle to kill 5 police officers, wound 6 police officers and one civilian in an execution style assault.

SOFREP recently received new information from two separate and unconfirmed law enforcement sources, close to the Dallas shooting, that said the shooter allegedly used a Saiga AK-74.

Specifically, one source describes the weapon with the following modifications:

“Saiga AK-74 with a Magpul folding stock, Tango Down grip, picatinny receiver cover with an off brand red dot optic, and single point sling attached to the QD (quick detachment) mount on the end of the buttstock. It still had the original Saiga style hand guard and muzzle style”

Fearing retribution both sources did not want to reveal their positions within the law enforcement community. Sources also described the weapon as being by the side of the shooter following his death by police.

The images below are a close representation of the weapon and modifications that were likely used used by the shooter.

SOFREP will continue to report on new information as we follow the situation closely.

Featured image courtesy of Armslist.com