In late April, SOFREP was fortunate enough to conduct an interview with the former Delta Operator known as Dalton Fury. The full interview follows.

1. Can you give us an update on what you’re up to on the writing side these days and where you see your novels going from here?

First, thanks for the opportunity to connect with SOFREP and your subscribers, Brandon. Presently, I’m juggling the release of FULL ASSAULT MODE while submarine deep in the middle of book #4 of the series, tentatively titled ONE KILLER UNIT.

I was good for a month or two after final edits of FAM, until my editor asked if I wanted to keep the series going. I mulled it over, decided what the hell, and signed again. It’s a cool place to be from a writer’s perspective, but not very healthy. Of course, editors have deadlines, and I suck at meeting them.