Darya Dugin, the daughter of top Putin advisor Aleksandr Dugin was killed outside Moscow after leaving a music festival with her father this evening. She was thirty years old.

Aleksandr Dugin arrived at the scene minutes after the bomb exploded in the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado she was driving on the Mozhayskoye Highway, not far from the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy. The video below shows the burning SUV in the background which careened off the road and struck a wooden fence.  Dugin can be seen bringing his hands to the top of his head in disbelief.  At his feet and blurred out is another body, not believed to be that of his daughter, who may have also been an occupant of the vehicle or just a bystander near the road when the explosion occurred.

A cursory examination of the video and stills from the attack, suggests a powerful explosive charge destroyed the Range Rover which given Dugin’s high profile as a senior Putin advisor may have been armored.

Early reports state that Darya and Aleksandr had driven together to the Tradition Festival and according to Russian violinist Petr Lundstrem her father was supposed to return in this car but left in another one.


Putin’s Rasputin

Aleksandr Dugin is often called “Putin’s Rasputin” after the Russian mystic who exerted great influence over Tsar Nicholas II in the 1900s until he was murdered in 1916 by other members of the royal family as a threat to the empire of Russia.

Dugin is an ultranationalist Russian who advocates for the restoration of a new Russian empire along three axes of control, Moscow to Berlin, Moscow to Toyko, and Moscow to Tehran. These alliances between Russia, Germany, Japan, and Tehran would be opposed to the globalist world order led by the United States.  Both Putin and Dugin believe that Russia is in fact a Eurasian country and not a part of Europe itself and believe a triumphant Russian culture ruling over most of Europe and Asia.

This idea that Russia is not a white European country but a mixed-race Eurasian country is strongly stated by Dugin here in 2002 where his views seem more in line with the more reactionary Leftist elements here in the US,