Since the Iranian Revolution began in 1978, the United States is known among protestors as the “Great Satan.” “Death to America” is the favorite chant of pretty much anyone who wishes to display his or her anti-American credentials, whether it’s an al-Qaeda terrorist or an Iranian politician. Now, the Iranian supreme leader finally offers some clarification behind the chant.

“‘Death to America’ means death to Trump, (National Security Adviser) John Bolton, and (Secretary of State Mike) Pompeo,” said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “It means death to American rulers,” reports Reuters.

Khamenei was speaking to an audience of Iranian Air Force officers gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution which ousted the Shah, triggered the American embassy hostage crisis, and put Iran into a protracted and deadly struggle with the U.S. Surprisingly, Khamenei emphasized that neither the Iranian leadership nor Iranian people wish death to the average American. It’s American leadership they find odious and evil.

“As long as America continues its wickedness, the Iranian nation will not abandon ‘Death to America’,” added Khamenei.