North Sinai, EgyptOn Friday, terrorists detonated a bomb inside a mosque. They surrounded the building and set up gun positions, firing upon surviving civilians as they fled for their lives. Eventually several of the gunman entered the mosque as well. Over 120 people are reportedly wounded and now it has been reported that over 300 were killed. The mosque was a Sufi mosque, known as the “mystic” sect of Islam.

According to The Times of Israel, grenades were also used and the attackers were so methodical that they even checked to ensure that their targets were dead, finishing off those who were wounded. This may explain why the death toll is so much higher than the injured—usually the injuries doubles or even triples the number of people killed in these types of tragedies, but here it is the other way around. The other obvious difference between this and many other terror attacks is the sheer number of gunman, initial estimates claiming up to 40 armed combatants.

The terrorists also fired at ambulances as they rushed to the scene, preventing life-saving treatment to the wounded worshipers at the mosque.

Still, a specific terrorist organization has yet to claim the attack as their own. Several terror organizations operate within the area, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), who have historically attacked other locations in the area (though they have tended to stick to churches or Egyptian security forces). Al-Qaeda in Sinai Peninsula (AQSP) also has the resources to pull off this attack, and they have multiple organizations in the area under their purview.