All drawings courtesy of Small Daughter, Ms. Regan Christine Hand

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(Dedication of this essay goes to SOFREP brother Mr. Thomas Gomez)

Preface: my recent 36-day stay in the hospital began with an emergency surgery that left my entire abdomen open for a period of three days before surgeons were satisfied with the disposition of my sepsis to close my abdomen.

Following surgery, I remained unconscious for just over 17 days in intensive care. I recall those 17 days in a spotty fashion surviving in a parallel world of dreams overlapping reality and a bout of events that I will only describe as hallucinations due to their stronger-than-normal realism as they existed and executed in my subconscious.

Such was the power and realism of these hallucinations that I remember distinctly that, as they grew increasingly bizarre, I dreaded the possibility that they would overpower my sense of reality once I regained conscious back into the “real world.”

There exists a cluster of notes produced at the first opportunity beyond the unconscious realm, notes that I scrawled at the firm recommendation of my brother and author of the book: “A Tale of the Grenada Raiders Memories in the Idioms of Dreams.”

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