This is no secret to those who have served in the U.S. Military. Every Warfighter’s job is to support their Commander-in-Chief regardless of political affiliation.

So be careful of catchy headlines that mislead like the one I used just now and the one the Daily Mail used yesterday. SOFREP does not speak for either of these communities (Delta or Six), we have our own voice and expertise as Special Operations veterans from all branches of service.

Our editors are committed to keeping an open mind with regards to any topic we take issue with and we are careful not to stand to the right or left very long for risk of association.

We like to be in our own boat and I’m thankful that we are our own masters when it comes to the content on this site. This means we don’t have to rely on a heavy handed handler (Military working dog speak) that points us and our editorial content in one direction or another and yells “attack”.

American Idol Culture

We are all entitled to our own political views, it makes this country great, but lumping a few sound bytes together and deciding that me and my SEAL friends speak for the entire community and making our minds up for us is a big mistake for the Daily Mail (The Tabloid Headline In Question authored by Toby Harnden). It’s also a sure way to not get a call back in the future and you risk a punch in the throat if you ever meet these gentlemen in person.

Editor’s note: I’ve spoken to Toby (apparently his article was named without his consent), we both agreed he wrote a fair piece but I drove home my message that the title was very misleading and ultimately puts a good write up to shame. Toby and I are now good, his editor and I not so much. – Brandon

I guess most journalists are too shortsighted to notice that our community is very small and fickle, and that there’s consequences for this type of tabloid journalism.

There’s some damn good journalists across the spectrum, I’ve met many recently on my own book tour and through founding SOFREP (ABC, Fox, CNN, Newsmax, BBC and GBTV to name a few).

The team at SOFREP have plenty to talk about and criticize across party lines but I will point this out. Obama inherited a very robust Spec Ops package from George W, but he had the balls to finish what President Bush started when he stood on top of a pile of rubble and said to the American people, “the people who knocked these buildings down are going to hear from all of us very soon.” Bush was right and Obama made sure that the last three things UBL heard was three cracks from a SEAL’s M-4 assault rifle that sent three well placed shots into his head and ended a decade long game of hide and seek. Bush and Obama have no problem killing bad guys or making tough decisions when it comes to killing terrorists.

Put Another Log on The Bonfire of Radical Islam

So on the anniversary of Osama’s death, the political fight is heating up and the media smells blood in the water. Of course nobody is thinking about the consequences of celebrating UBL’s death. Or who LeT is and the fact that they make AQ look like Girl Scouts in comparison.

So some choose to continue to celebrate UBL’s death like an American Idol after party. I’m guessing this will re-stoke the fires of radical Islam across the globe and ultimate strengthen the tree of Islamic extremism at the root. How about we stop clipping prickly branches off the tree and kill Islamic extremism at the root.