Editor’s admonishment: adult theme and content

This past weekend I received a request for assistance from a counter-human trafficking organization operating primarily in the northwestern U.S. Consequent to a recently discovered human trafficking ring that is national in scope, is an operational node here in Albuquerque. I was, therefore, provided with a link to a post on an adult dating website and needless instructions on what to collect and report on the matter.

In the day, the go-to website for organizations, such as the LionHeart Foundation, which hunt traffickers was www.BackPage.com. That page was so flagrant in its violation of human rights and trafficking of persons that the FBI promptly seized the web servers and arrested the owners. Similar dating sites scrambled to fill the void that was left by BackPage; and when the music finally stopped the new king was www.SkipTheGames.com.

All my former persons of interest, which I kept a watch on from BackPage, now reside in some capacity on SkipTheGames — same photos, same narratives, same angles. At the time of the demise of BackPage, ours was a feeling of elation as hunters of traffickers — a feeling that gave way to immediate panic at the loss of our staple resource for hunting those traffickers. Ah, but we were delinquent to recall that nature abhors a vacuum, and the next “BackPage” came right along in short order.