Editor’s Note: This story was updated on 12/05/2020 to reflect the latest revelations around the case.

As reported in the Army Times, MSG William J. Lavigne was found dead in the training area of Ft. Bragg in North Carolina. A review of his uniform and decorations shows he was likely assigned to Delta Force at USASOC. The body of Timothy J. Dumas of Pinehurst, North Carolina was also found at the scene. Dumas was a veteran who had previously been stationed at Ft. Bragg.

A recent Army Times story has confirmed our initial reporting that Timothy J. Dumas had been a Warrant Officer who had served for 19 years, most of them at Ft. Bragg.

The Army states the deaths were not the result of training activity at Ft. Bragg. This rules out the two men being accidentally killed in an area where live ordinance is expended.

The latest update is that foul play is suspected in their deaths.

There were no weapons found at the scene according to Army investigators.

Picture of Timothy Dumas from his LinkedIn profile.

In 2018, MSG Lavigne was involved in the deadly off base shooting of Sergeant First Class Mark Daniel Leshikar at Lavigne’s home.  According to an interview conducted with Leshikar’s mother in 2018, Lavigne and Leshikar were described as best friends. The details of the deadly confrontation are murky, but after the two men returned to Lavigne’s home following a vacation in Florida with their families, an argument broke out. Leshikar was locked out of the home but gained entry when Lavigne’s daughter opened the door for him. Armed with a screwdriver, he then confronted Lavigne who shot him. Civilian authorities found the shooting a justifiable homicide and no charges were filed against Lavigne. There is no indication that the Army took any action, under the UCMJ or otherwise, against Lavigne.

According to the Army, MSG Lavigne had enlisted in 2001. In 2007, he had graduated from the Special Forces Qualification Course. Assigned to the 1st Special Forces Group and then to USASOC, he had deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq. Lavigne’s numerous awards and decorations include two Bronze Stars, one with a “V” device for valor.