Dedication for this essay goes to SOFREP brother Jack Murphy

I feel the weight of my fat ass bear down upon the ice beneath my feet. I see the clear frozen sheet turn chalk-white and opaque as its fracture spreads … I hear the unspeakable cracking sound that bids me slip to my frosty death in the fathoms below.

All that drama just because I have the word “racist” in the title of my essay. The demise of an article so titled is not content specific; there is no profit to my slant, no safe zone in which to cower — only ice, thin ice threatened by a fat ass. Best of luck to me.

Fate is drawing to a close for military bad boys Spenser Rapone and Vasilios Pistolis. Both, it appears, are getting their just rewards and if they had not been clued in on one of life’s proverbial truths before, it is doubtless happening now: if you wanna dance, you gotta pay the band.