Dedication for this work goes to Ms. Kelly Harp

“I really think you should go in and talk to her right away; I mean this very evening — right now!”

The text string coming in from my Internet Drag Netter in Vermont was every bit importuning me to comply. She got that way now and then. She got fixated on some person or another posting on the Internet advertising for sex.

Argh. I hated it when she got this way; there was just no dealing with her! When she got like this there was no reasoning with her, I would just have to do this thing for her and get her to move on.

“Ok, why again are we so concerned about this girl over the rest of today’s posts? Rather than that, why are YOU so concerned about her because I’m not concerned at all.”

“She’s young. She looks really young and in every one of her posts, she looks so sad and so scared. I really think she is being coerced and needs someone to intervene right away!”

Well then… she didn’t look JUST sad and scared; she looked “so” sad and “so” scared. Wasn’t that so very differnt then?

Pure emotion at play here. Drag Netter was on the ethos and pathos bandwagon; I was the logos and, well, the cock-a-doody bathos path!