(Featured Image, L-R: Author, Will W., Sam Foster, John B.)

Now, there was a ‘big event’ or ‘the great adventure’ that was rumored to occur to squadron guys with the experience and seniority that Sam and I both had. The event was yet another selection and assessment format structured to evaluate an operator’s ability to perform in a capacity to deploy ahead of a squadron assault force, and prepare the battle space for the squadron’s arrival.

“Selection is an on-going process” was a moniker in the Unit in those days, reminding all assigned personnel to never rest on one’s laurels. It eye-poked daily, suggesting that you perform to the best of your ability, because you are always scrutinized until the day you depart.

“This place is selecting the hell out of me”, I often thought. The rumor mill hinted that the ‘big event’ entailed a set of complex problems and physical feats that had to be accomplished with little or no monetary support. I could only venture what that might include.