Editor’s Note: This is part 3 of 5 of a memorial that first appeared in SOFREP in late May 2016. When I first read it, I found myself so moved by Geo’s words that I wanted to make sure all of you get a chance to read it as well. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Sam Foster, but I’ve known men like him, and they make the world a better place…a safer place. Take a few minutes to get to know Sam like Geo did, and I guarantee you he’ll be a part of your life forever. –GDM

A Better Suppressed Weapon

In the day, the suppressed weapon of choice for surreptitious sentry takeout, or quietly killing a guard in an attempt to gain deeper access into a target subject, was the 9 x 19mm Heckler and Koch MP-5SD (pictured below).

H and K
A 9mm MP5 SD3 Heckler and Koch submachine gun.

Not good enough for the rogue Sam. He preferred the superior stopping power of the American-made .45 caliber Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) cartridge fired through a suppressed M-3 “Grease Gun” submachine gun. I admit, I had never heard of it, and the first time I saw it appear in Delta was when Sam came a-totin’ it into the team room reciting a planning rhyme taken from the film “The Dirty Dozen”: “One, two, the guards are through!”