Chainsaw doesn’t consider himself to be a tall man, though he is just fine with his height. I have never considered him to be a short man, that’s just the way it is. Let’s just say that Chainsaw is no Liam Neeson, but he is a Tom Cruise. Perhaps not quite as good looking, but he could certainly curb-stomp the brother in a Manhattan minute.

The first time Chain was shot in the noggin, it was with a .45 ACP bullet. He was in a very tight-quartered linear target. In fact, it was inside a jet airliner. When the assault forces crammed aboard and began to sling lead, a stray bullet hit Chain in the high forehead, where it glanced along the slope of his head and careened off, slamming into the bulkhead of the aircraft. If Colin Rich had been one inch taller, he would not be here today—fact that!

The show-off himself, in all his glory, sporting his wound from the .45 ACP.

When Chainsaw was struck in the back of the head on the Afghan/Paki border, the .308 bullet struck very low to the back of his Kevlar helmet. If Colin had been one single inch taller, again, he would not be alive with us today.

The helmet that saved Colin’s life, indicating the point of impact of the 7.62 x 51mm NATO round; one inch lower and there would have been no protection to Colin’s head.
Colin ‘Chainsaw’ Rich is not a very tall man. He’s not a very short man. He is a very fortunate man, indeed. This shot was taken post-surgery after removing the bullet and bone frags from Colin’s head.

And so it goes: I am in the Twilight Zone! It was a very bumpy ride to Walter Reed, and I felt every bump in my very sore head. I’m in the neuro ward, and in very bad pain waiting on a room. I vividly remember a young female soldier trying her best to help in any way she could.

“First Sergeant, the chow hall is closed, but I bet I can get you something, if you want.”

Last thing I ate was a half of a Big Mac. Yet another food fantasy: chocolate and orange juice…orange…but I just love the combo!

Off she goes. I wish I could see her today. She was good to me.

Time ticks by very slowly when in miserable pain. Another nurse was checking this and that, blah, blah.