Thaaaat’s riiiiight… I hung out for a day with SOFREP’s own Buck Clay; Doctor and Corporate Lawyer by day, author and clandestine subversive operative by night.

I’m an honest sort of fellow, at least I fancy myself one. Therefore I should be up front, or at least next to upfront that I don’t actually ‘hang’ out with Buck Clay per se; rather, I hung out with him for the better par of a day months back because folks… that’s about as long as anyone can endure the living Buck Clay without rest.

Too many ideas, a plethora of theories, oodles of oaths, credible conspiracies, so much sarcasm, too much rage, too few pauses. The truth, the logic, the common sense, the insight, the marketing… all too much to assimilate after about a seven hour saturation– the mind simply can’t hold it all. It’s like seeing the ocean for the first time in your life. Your mind blanks at its vastness, because it has nothing to gage it with, then it slowly starts to grasp the grandeur.

Yep, it was ‘round about 2000… oh I don’t know, I guess I wanna say about 2015 I think the year was, and about the November-ish time frame that Buck was headed south–literally headed south–to pick up on some stories at the US/Mexican border.