(Dedication for this essay goes to the anonymous soul who sent me the amazing gift of relaxation)

Give words of gratitude? A gesture that knows no bounds; it coaxes the eager patron and gifts him immeasurable joy.

I, being sound of mind and mending body, do revel in the juggernaut of compassion and support from my SOFREP family. I recall vividly when the offers for support first came barging in. The answer was simple: “I’m sorry but I don’t take charity.” That was the truth, and I simply didn’t know how to accept such gestures at the time—gestures from people I didn’t even know in “real life.”

Certified bad-asses tried to explain to me, to convince me to take the help, how it was NOT at all charity. I agreed with them weakly, more so to get them to shut up and leave me and my non-charity accepting self alone. They all caved in the by and by, for they were weak and I was strong; yes, Jesus loves me…