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Dedicated to Ms Pat G.

My good friend William “Chief” Carson used to have a saying: “Shit man, when it rains, it pours,” meaning more or less that it will get worse before it will get better. Rest in peace, Chief!

This morning I found myself in a cafe in Atlanta, Georgia sitting at the counter per my instructions the previous evening. I continually glanced at my watch, and then at the wall clock in nervous repetition for fear of missing a time zone change.

Looking at my street map I noticed everything was peach this, peach that, peach tree… everything was just—peachy! It was a peach of a city. Could the mayor of this city be… impeached? My mind wandered…

Now a man sat right next to me on a stool and slapped a People Magazine down in front of him. This was awkward; he didn’t leave the mandatory heterosexual empty seat between us. “Coffee please!” he ordered.

It was actually slightly early for my scheduled contact and I contemplated moving. I sipped my coffee and continued my clock watching. The way-too-close-to-me man thumbed through his magazine and slurped his coffee loudly, such that he drew stares. And since he drew stares, I drew stares. I wanted to holler out: “WE’RE NOT TOGETHER; I’M NOT WITH HIM; HE’S JUST SITTING WAY TO CLOSE TO ME!”

Finally, the clock was in my meeting window.