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In my safehouse in Frankfurt, I was given a packet of instructions to memorize. It was seven days in seven cities in the country of Tangar Sur Mer. Can’t say I’ve ever been there… or heard of it. I had several hours to memorize where to be, when to be there, how much to spend, what to do, and who to do it to. It was daunting, but a motivated drive wrought me a capacity to memorize things, and has always been a blessing to me. To it, largely responsible for my ability to communicate in seven languages.

When my time was up I was brought to stand before a panel of cadre whereby I regurgitated every detail of my instructions in their proper order. My, but it took a long time. Thankfully, I didn’t miss a beat or an item. The satisfied panel invited me to return to my room and spend the remainder of my time doing whatever I wanted, but to be ready to walk out of the house at 0500hrs. To miss that departure would be to fail.

Back in my room I looked at my bed, my desk, my chair, my nightstand, and listened to the ticking of my clock. I set it for 0430 hrs, checked it, then checked it again. I laid my Jodi-a$$ head on my pillow, checked my clock, and checked it one more time. I drifted, thinking that if I ran out of money and couldn’t pay for a room one of my nights in-country that I would climb to the roof of the motel and sleep there. Sounded legit… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…