One day after U.S. President Donald Trump became the first sitting president to enter North Korea, Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader, criticized the president for his weekend meeting with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

“This was one of the worst few days in American foreign policy and American diplomatic history in a long time,” Schumer said while speaking with Anderson Cooper on CNN, according to a report from The Hill.

Schumer was highly critical of the president’s relationship with the North Korean dictator and of his foreign policy moves in general. CNN reports that Schumer claims President Trump’s foreign policy style “hurts us in the long run.”

“Praising dictators, messing up foreign policy left and right, what he did in North Korea giving Kim Jong Un what he wanted, calling him a friend, patting him on the back, and getting nothing, absolutely nothing in return,” said Schumer during the interview.

Nuclear weapons were at the crux of the meeting between the U.S. and North Korean leaders. A report from The New York Times suggested President Trump may be considering allowing North Korea to maintain its current nuclear arsenal. Trump administration officials were quick to rebuff this claim.

“I read this NYT story with curiosity,” John Bolton, U.S. National Security Advisor, wrote on Twitter. “Neither the NSC staff nor I have discussed or heard of any desire to ‘settle for a nuclear freeze by NK.’ This was a reprehensible attempt by someone to box in the president. There should be consequences.”

More meetings between the two countries may soon be scheduled. A report from the Los Angeles Times stated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated a summit could happen before the end of July.

Despite the historic first, at least one Trump administration official left the country slightly worse for wear. Stephanie Grisham, the new White House Press Secretary after Sarah Huckabee Sanders resigned, reportedly was injured after North Korean security officials and reporters got into a row outside while the two leaders met. According to Fox News, Grisham was assisting press corps members trying to document the meeting and was bruised during the melee.