Dennis Rodman is a name we all somehow still remember, despite his contributions to basketball, film, and international politics all ranging from forgettable to… well… unforgivable.  The man who once played alongside Michael Jordan while making public appearances in a wedding dress would eventually go on to star in terrible movies alongside Jean Claude Van Dam, before ultimately grasping for the last bit of headline-worthy stardom he could reach, and serving alongside a dictator as the tallest cog in the North Korean propaganda machine.

We’ve been blessed by a reprieve of Rodman’s antics in recent years, but all good things must come to an end, and he now believes that another trip to the reclusive North Korean state is in order amid serious tensions surrounding his friend, Kim Jong Un, and the dictator’s relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons.

You may think calling the cruel dictator, Kim Jong Un, Rodman’s “friend” is a form of editorializing, but it’s actually how Rodman himself refers to him.  Rodman is also quick to point out that Kim is a “very good guy.”


Ya know, aside from all the estimated hundred thousand Korean citizens he has in labor camps thanks to a policy of punishing three generations of a family for crimes committed by an individual, the regular propaganda he has released showing North Korea destroying American cities with nuclear weapons, ordering the assassination of his own half-brother, and that sort of stuff.  Dennis Rodman probably means aside from that sort of stuff.

When asked if Rodman planned to use any of his facetime with the Korean dictator to address the four Americans that are still being detained by the North Korean government, Rodman seemed as disinterested in their plight as he is about the North Korean people living under Kim’s rule.

“Well that’s not my purpose right now… My purpose is to go over there and try to see if I can keep bringing sports to North Korea,” he told CNN.  In his defense, North Korea could probably use some help bolstering their professional sports.  A lack of food can really hinder an athlete’s ability to perform.