Update: al Shabaab militants took over the Nas Hablod Hotel in Mogadishu, a hotel frequented by politicians and businessmen. The gunmen took over the hotel following a large explosion near the hotel gate, in what appears to be a coordinated attack. Once inside the hotel, a suicide bomber detonated his vest in the lobby.  A police officer told Reuters, “The operation has now ended but we are still combing the building for any possible militants who are hiding.” CNN is reporting that there are at least 15 dead and 25 wounded- mostly civilians.

Gunmen stormed a hotel in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Saturday after detonating a car filled with explosives at the hotel gate — an attack that has left at least 15 people dead and 25 others injured, police said.

A car exploded at the hotel’s gate, and someone blew himself up inside the hotel shortly afterward, Dahir said. Gunmen then stormed the hotel, Dahir said.

Most of those killed and injured were civilians who were passersby and customers of nearby shops and a gas station, police said.