xA number of Czech soldiers and a team of Green Berets from 7th Special Forces Group are being investigated over the death of an Afghan commando who killed a Czech soldier and wounded two others in an insider attack.

Last October, Wahidullah Khan, fired at a vehicle carrying Czech soldiers, who were returning from a routine mission. The Afghan waited for the vehicle to enter the Shindand base, in Herat, Western Afghanistan, before opening fire with an M-14 rifle. Cpl. Tomáš Procházka died of his wounds, whilst two of his comrades were wounded.

According to NEWSREP sources, the Czech soldiers belonged to the 601 Special Forces Group. Cpl. Procházka was a military working dog (MWD) handler attached to the SOF unit. Cpl Procházka was airborne but not SOF-qualified.

Cpl. Tomáš Procházka

The Afghan was promptly subdued and arrested by coalition troops. He was then handed over to Western forces. Here’s where the 7th Group team gets involved. According to reports, they helped in transferring the Afghan to the hands of the Czechs for interrogation. When Afghan forces came to take the man into custody at around CDAFA midnight, he had allegedly been beaten unconscious and died shortly thereafter.