According to German government officials, the U.S. government tried to secure the world’s first Coronavirus vaccine.

More specifically, the German officials claim that the Trump administration offered large sums of money to CureVac, a German biotechnology firm, that has been developing a Coronavirus vaccine in an attempt to buy the exclusive rights for a potential product.

The New York Times reported that earlier in March, both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence met with the Daniel Menichella, the then-CEO of CureVac, at the White House. (It’s worth noting that Menichella is an American citizen. Since that meeting, Menichella has left CureVac – it is unclear if he was fired or left because of the story.)

But the German firm denies the reports. In a statement to its official Twitter account, the German firm said that “to make it clear again on coronavirus: CureVac has not received from the US government or related entities an offer before, during and since the Task Force meeting in the White House on March 2. CureVac rejects all allegations from the press.”